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hi-fi sci-fi library

Saw this on the LibraryMan Blog. Take a look! Fair warning though…you’ll be be singing the tune all day long! I definitely recognized some of the backup singers; I’ll bet you will too.

Here’s what LibaryMan had to say, “As far as I am concerned, what the world needs is a collection of ‘hi-fi sci-fi libraries.’ And I was so excited about this idea that I just had to sing it out loud!”

Check the LibraryMan blog for background information.

An Extraordinary Leap

This is the third time I have stumbled across this video, so I knew I had to share it. The main library in Aarhus Denmark decided to think out of the box a bit. They have created several people-friendly areas within the library – the Literature Lab, the News Lab, the Music Lab, the Exhibition Lab, and the Square. This is the third time I have watched this seven minute video, and I am still amazed at how they took an ordinary library and transformed it into something truly astonishing. Does anyone know a library in the U.S. doing something similar?

Library Workout Video

For those of you who miss the 80’s and need a workout…1987 – Betty Glover Library Workout Tape Ad

Time for something completely different

Blogs are great sources of information and professional development. I’m ready for less snow and more SPRING, so in preparation for the season – it’s time for fun, crazy, and future-shock type webs sites and movies for you to visit. Remember: these links are not for the faint of heart. James Bond fans in particular – BEWARE Roger Moore’s Eyebrows!

Library Dominoes.

Roger Moore’s Eyebrows of FUN.

Future Shock, did you Know: SHIFT HAPPENS?http://www.scottmcleod.org/didyouknow.wmv

Anything with baby pandas has to be worth viewing.

I’m reluctant to admit it, but winter can be beautiful.

As a blond, I’m thinking I can get away with including this YouTube video.

Batgirl is a librarian.

Future shock: Web 2.0: the Machine is US/ing US.

And just in case you were looking to get a library tattoo.

Here’s hoping for an early spring, Valerie Horton