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Free SIPA Services and Grants Webinar

Do You Know About SIPA?

SIPA (https://www.colorado.gov/sipa) stands for the Statewide Internet Portal Authority.  SIPA was formed by the Colorado General Assembly to provide efficient and effective e-Government services for Colorado government entities and their citizens through the use of modern business practices and innovative technology.

Some of the services they provide – at free or discounted cost – include, but are not limited to:
– Payment Processing
– Event Registration
– Websites on Colorado.gov
– Google Apps for Government

SIPA also offers micro-grants to help you improve and streamline services that will assist in providing more information and technology online to citizens. In the past, these grants have been used for everything from scanners to funding historic newspaper digitization.

Briana Milligan from Colorado’s SIPA will share the possibilities and power of working with SIPA. She’ll also tell us more about their upcoming fall grant cycle.

Join us at 12:00 on October 9th to learn more about what SIPA and SIPA’s grants can do for your library and community.  This webinar will be hosted  by Christine Kreger and Mary McCarthy of the Colorado State Library.

Webinar access:

Results Are In! – Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey

The 2011-2012 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey (PLFTAS) study results are in and all the various resources based on the data are now available to you and your libraries.
Of particular interest:

Many thanks to all the libraries that participated in the study!

2012-13 LSTA Grants Available for School, Public, Academic & Special Libraries

DUE: August 1, 2012

The Colorado State Library has announced competitive grants for fiscal year 2012-2013 through the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) program, designed to distribute federal funds to eligible school, public, academic or special libraries. Total amount awarded during this funding period will be approximately $300,000.
For the purpose of this grant, project activities must focus on either community/outreach services or youth services in one or more of the following areas: Continue reading ‘2012-13 LSTA Grants Available for School, Public, Academic & Special Libraries’

Changes in E-rate for Libraries

I recently attended an excellent e-rate webinar presented by WebJunction. Even if you have applied for e-rate in the past, I would highly recommend viewing the archived webinar because there have been several changes to the e-rate process.

For instance, certified technology plans are only required for those seeking Priority 2 services. If you are applying for telecommunications or Internet access only, you are no longer required to submit a technology plan for certification. (Although no longer required for all libraries, technology planning is a crucial part of an organizations strategic planning, and highly recommended). Continue reading ‘Changes in E-rate for Libraries’

2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey Launched

Each year, the American Library Association and the Center for Library & Information Innovation, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, surveys a national sample of public libraries regarding their Internet connectivity and computing access resources. The 2010-2011 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Study survey (PLFTAS) is now open and survey announcement postcards should be arriving at libraries this week.

The survey portal is www.plinternetsurvey.org – respondents can find FAQs and other support, and then head to “start survey.”  That is also where you will find the 4 issue briefs (Broadband, Community Access, E-government, and Employment), as well as state summaries for Employment and E-government. The survey closes November 5, 2010.

Why participate in this survey? Continue reading ‘2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey Launched’

2009-2010 Public Library Funding and Technology Access Survey

The 2009-2010 Public Library Funding & Technology Access survey conducted by the American Library Association (ALA) and the Center for Library & Information Innovation at the University of Maryland is now available for completion.

Your participation in the survey is extremely important, and directly impacts the ability of ALA and others to advocate on behalf of public libraries and the tremendous contribution public libraries make to  their communities through their public access Internet services and resources. Data from the study appeared most recently in USA Today in a discussion of how public libraries help job seekers.

The survey is open through November 6, 2009.  You will need an ID number, which you may look up on the website. Questions regarding the survey should be directed to support@plinternetsurvey.org or 301-405-9445. Continue reading ‘2009-2010 Public Library Funding and Technology Access Survey’

Colorado Marketing Campaign for Libraries – Code Name: Butterfly

The Colorado State Library (CSL) is leading the development of a statewide marketing effort that focuses on the power of libraries to transform lives and that captures the hearts, minds and support of Colorado residents.

The purpose of the campaign is to ensure the future of libraries statewide and build the Colorado library brand by increasing awareness of the transformational aspects of libraries and the positive impact libraries have on their communities. The spirit of the campaign will be courageous, humorous, and the final messages will be delightful and unexpected.

The CSL management team has convened an advisory committee of statewide library representation and together we are working with Barnhart Communications, the same firm that worked on the Wyoming campaign.

I will post updates at this blog and welcome your comments as we move forward.  To find out more, please visit:

Debbi MacLeod, of the Colorado State Library, is the project lead.  Please direct questions to her or comment here.

Colorado Libraries and ARRA

The Colorado State Library continues to update Colorado libraries about ARRA via http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdelib/LibraryDevelopment/PublicLibraries/ARRA.htm

Below is a message State Library Executive Director Gene Hainer sent to public library directors this week:

Three updates to the ARRA page on www.ColoradoStateLibrary.org:

1. Several months ago a firm related to the B&M Gates’ Foundation contacted you or your IT staff to gather data about broadband access, speed, funding, oversight and other elements in Colorado libraries. The results of that effort are posted on the ARRA site, http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdelib/LibraryDevelopment/PublicLibraries/ARRA.htm.

2. Besides the full excel sheet with 98% of the state’s libraries included, there is a one-page overview that may be helpful for your Boards, civic leaders, or vendors.
Continue reading ‘Colorado Libraries and ARRA’

George Needham and “From Awareness to Funding”

I have been reading this OCLC study, going to presentations on it, and doing a few of my own. I keep learning new things and getting great ideas for others who have read this study. George Needham has been coming to Colorado for the CLiC Spring Workshops to talk about this study.  After his very insightful and thought-provoking presentation, we have a break out discussion. In Greeley, George joined us for that discussion too.  Very lively. Some of my notes are below.

Continue reading ‘George Needham and “From Awareness to Funding”’

2008-2009 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey

The 2008-2009 Public Library Funding & Technology Access Survey is underway. I encourage Colorado public libraries to participate in this important national survey. The findings from this study will give public library administrators, librarians, boards, and advocates powerful data to use when talking about Colorado libraries. This is the kind of data that speaks volumes to legislators, the media, and the general public.
The goal for each state is a 60% response rate. Colorado is about half way there at 29.7%. Any public library or library branch can participate. Also, in order to make things a little clearer (hopefully!), keep in mind there are TWO URL’s: one for non-Opportunity Online participants and one for Opportunity Online participants.

For more information see the ALA Press release and last year’s survey results.