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Reflections of CALCON15

Posted on behalf of Sarah Greenberg, Director of Library Resources, Grand County Library District

CSLLogo-CMYK-VAs libraries expand with streaming video, 3-D printers, and makerspaces, some of us with shrinking budgets and limited space are feeling left behind. Fortunately, CALCON 2015 opened my eyes to some of the small and inexpensive things we can do at our libraries to open doors for our patrons. Things like offering healthy snacks to help feed our kids who might be growing up hungry. Or making sure that all staff know how to handle basic tech questions, so patrons feel comfortable asking anyone for help with an eBook. Even weeding your collection to maintain a reputation for currency and reliability can help to build a relationship of trust between a library and its patrons.

One of my favorite sessions, presented by Lindsay Roberts and Andrea Reveley, discussed how to obtain and make use of patron feedback. My library already has a guest book at each branch, which has been a wonderful source of (largely positive) patron thoughts and comments. Roberts and Reveley suggested using a “Sorry Log” to track patron complaints, noting that this method allows you to tally the number of complaints about different services or areas. They used the example of students requesting double-sided printing, circulation desk staff noting these in the “sorry log,” and the tech department realizing the extent of the requests and implementing a change. And this change began with a simple paper and pencil! Continue reading ‘Reflections of CALCON15’

MY CALCON15 Experience

Posted on behalf of Sharon Bassist, Colorado State Library CALCON Scholarship Recipient CSLLogo-CMYK-V

Hello! I am Sharon Bassist, the new Program Coordinator for the Clear Creek County Library District; Idaho Springs and Georgetown for those of you unfamiliar with the area. I was one of the Colorado State Library CALCON 2015 Small/Rural Library Scholarship recipients! Because I was honored with a scholarship, I get the opportunity to write my first blog post, so if this is not your normal post, that would be why! This is also my first CALCON as I am new to the library field. I have all sorts of new opportunities with my new job and I love it!

I really enjoyed my CALCON experience! The keynote speakers were very enjoyable. Ryan Warner from CPR and Salvador Avila were my favorites. Who knew that learning to be a DJ could be incorporated with STEM programs and offered after school at the library?? That is thinking outside the box at its most creative, SO COOL!!!

I was able to take full advantage of the conference and really did learn so much. My favorite session was “Walk This Way: Taking Storytime Out of the Library.” StoryWalk was an entirely new concept to me and I am planning on bringing it to life in our county. Having libraries in two different towns grants me the opportunity to execute this idea in different forums. I am also excited to incorporate it with the Wellness theme for the Summer Reading Program for 2016. We are small mountain towns and can offer this walk/storytime as a hike around the waterfall, a walk down the main streets with the stories in store fronts and on a walk from the library to the local park. I did attend many different sessions, but this one was the most memorable and one that I feel I have the opportunity to bring to life in our county.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to go to CALCON and learn about the wonderful world of libraries. I hope to be able to attend this conference again in the future to continue my love for learning and creating. Who knows, if this blog goes well, you may hear from me again when I get my StoryWalk into place!

Even More CALCON 2014 Reflections

Posted on behalf of Jen Hillebrandt,  Youth Services Coordinator for the Gunnison County Library District, CALCON 2014 Small/Rural Scholarship Winner

CALCONSo, CALCON.  It’s been weeks now, but I’m STILL utilizing so much from that information packed 3 days (or was it 4? Sheesh there was ALOT going on!)  You know how you have those days, weeks, months perhaps, of feeling like the hamster on the wheel, or Bill Murray in Groundhog Day where you’re just in a rut with work?  ANOTHER toddler storytime?  “Yes, we have Unbroken.  Yes, I’ll put it on hold for you.”  “The bathroom’s around the corner.”  “No, you can’t shoot your popgun in the library (true story).”  Well, as much as I hate to admit it, it was happening to me this fall. Perhaps it was SRP burnout.  Or the change of the seasons.   Or the fact that the Broncos lost to the Seahawks, AGAIN.  Anyhoo, I was doing the whole “what-am-I-doing-with-my-life-should-I-really-keep-working-at-the-library-aren’t-I-supposed-to-BE-more?” thing.  Right.  And then I attended CALCON.  Wow.  Makerspaces and programming and marketing, oh my!   Activism and questioning and freedom, oh my.   Networking and brainstorming and POSSIBILITIES, oh my.  Not to mention those desserts!

My top three picks, or AHA! moments are as follows: Continue reading ‘Even More CALCON 2014 Reflections’

More CALCON 2014 Reflections

Posted on behalf of Kristy Scott, La Vista Correctional Facility Library Tech II, CALCON 2014 Small/Rural Scholarship Winner CALCON

This was my first ever CALCON. Let me first start by saying thank you. What an awesome experience! There were so many creative and educational ideas available to put to use in our own little piece of libraryland.

The staff was amazing and extremely helpful. The brochure gave accurate information on what was available, where it was available, and when it was available. The food was wonderful! The coffee, water, and sodas seemed to have an endless supply. The luncheons provided were scrumptious and the servers were very gracious at removing our unwanted plates. I thoroughly enjoyed the speakers and listening while we feasted on our meal. Corinne Hill was very pleasant to listen to as well as educational about getting what you want for your library and making things happen even when presented with obstacles. Continue reading ‘More CALCON 2014 Reflections’

2014-15 CAL Leadership Institute!

Looking for ways to grow your leadership skills?  Look no further than the CAL Leadership Institute(CALLI).

The CAL Leadership Institute develops leaders within CAL and the Colorado Library Community.  During the year-long Institute participants engage in personal discovery and growth through a series of workshops, online discussions, relationships with peers, and mentors.  A recent graduate said:

“My experience in CALLI was a catalyst for professional growth.  The readings, activities, and discussions had a dramatic effect on my day-to-day work as a library team member.   The leadership training played a big role in my career opportunities.  Most memorable are the friendships and collegial connections I made statewide.  CALLI made me a better, and happier librarian.”

The Institute begins September 2014.  Applications are due April 11.

For more information and to apply please visit the CAL website or contact Elizabeth Kelsen Huber- or Joanna Nelson-

2nd Annual New Professional Interest Group Hiring Workshop

Posted on behalf of the CAL New Professional Interest Group

Bring your career questions to the second annual New Professionals Interest Group Hiring Workshop, held this year at DU’s beautiful Anderson Academic Commons! The Workshop will feature a panel of hiring managers from public, academic, and special libraries.

A networking boxed lunch will follow the panel discussion. After lunch, join us for two 45-minute breakout sessions facilitated by new professionals in the field, with insights from our panelists.

The same breakout sessions will be offered at both time slots so you’ll have the chance to swap topics. We hope you’ll leave with fresh insights for your career!

When: February 8, 2014 from 11 AM – 3 PM

Anderson Academic Commons at University of Denver
2150 E Evans Ave
Denver, Colorado  80208

More information and registration is available on the CAL website!

ILEAD USA @ CAL Conference

Stop by the State Library booth (Oct 18 & 19) at the Colorado Association of Libraries annual conference to visit with us about ILEAD USA, an exciting technology & leadership training program!

Workforce Recovery at the CAL Conference

On behalf of Sarah Koehn Frey, Director, Northern Saguache County Library District:

On October 13 I attended a preconference workshop at the CAL conference entitled “Project Compass:  Libraries at the Front Lines of Workforce Recovery”.  The presenter was Jennifer Pratt, who is the Chief of Library Development for the State Library of North Carolina.

Jennifer navigated through enough of the Project Compass website to really pique our interest.  I need to do much more searching to find all that is available there, but I’m happy to know about this resource and can direct patrons to it.  During the presentation I was sitting beside Maria DeHerrera of the Costilla County Library District.  She and I represented 2/3 of the three poorest counties in Colorado, so we were especially interested in how our libraries can be of help to our unemployed patrons. Continue reading ‘Workforce Recovery at the CAL Conference’

CALCON- an lluminating Success!

Hi praise for the Colorado Association of Libraries 2010 Conference. Aside from tons of inspiring workshops, keynote speakers, and author visits this year CAL was just plain fun! Wish I could show you  pics of the hootin’ and hollerin’ that took place at Battle Decks Friday night, but we were having too much fun to even think about snapping shots. We did manage to grab some conference photos for your enjoyment, though. Mark your calendar for the next CAL Conference (Oct. 13-15th 2011) at the same gorgeous hotel – Embassy Suites in Loveland. Kudos to the conference planning committee. You rock!