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What Do Makerspaces, Technology Training, and Customer Service Have In Common?

Library Creation and Learning CenterAside from being hot topics in libraries, (or rather because they are hot topics), the State Library has updated and added to the content available on the Library and Creation and Learning website.

We still offer the wonderful self-paced learning modules on Customer Service, and Technology Training, we have also added archived webinars and additional resources.

The Makerspace content has also been updated, offering information and resources on maker programming, funding, 3D printing, and digital creation software.

In the next several months, we will be adding new content areas to the site, so if you have not visited the Library creation and learning website, or it has been a while, we invite you to stop by! Don’t forget to check out the Continuing Education Calendar to see what learning events are on the horizon!


State Grants for Libraries Funding Announcement

CSLLogo-CMYK-VThe Colorado State Library is excited to announce that the State Grants for Libraries funding is available for 2015-2016. Not only was the funding renewed by the State Legislature, but it increased from $2.0 million to $2.5 million because we were able to demonstrate strong accountability and even stronger impact. Many thanks to all of the grantees who provided stories of benefits in your communities and the effective advocacy of so many.

The reach of the State Grants for Libraries has grown from 290 grantees in 2013 to 301 grantees last year. We hope to continue to increase the reach this year. The application process is easy – a 2 page eligibility form. The guidelines and eligibility forms are now posted on the State Grants for Libraries website. Eligibility forms are due September 10, 2015.

With the increase in funding this year, you’ll see a bump in the grant amounts. The projected funding amounts are posted on the website. With these funds, grantees can purchase books, e-books, database subscriptions, and other educational resources. You can read about all the creative and impactful use of funds by previous grantees on the website, which may inspire you to start a wishlist now!

Please contact Susan Burkholder at with any questions you have. And don’t forget to return your Eligibility Form by September 10!

FREE Library Continuing Education for July

Another great selection of free continuing education opportunities curated by the Wyoming State Library!



Wednesday, July 1 (9-10 am)

Cardboard Conundrum: Why a Small University Library Has Grown a Monthly Board Game Night (Nebraska Library Commission)

One Saturday each month about 50 people gather at Concordia University’s Link Library to play board games. That might sound banal in a higher education setting or Luddite in this age of ever-increasing technology. Since 1995, however, a grand renaissance in board game design is providing games that are intellectually stimulating, artistically engaging, educationally valuable, and socially exciting. Hear how a modern board game event in the library offers outreach to the students, faculty and community. Learn what resources we use to develop and promote the event. If you believe that fun has no place in the library, do not attend this session.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:


Wednesday, July 1 (10-11 am)

Leadership Development Simple Truths: The Power of a Situational Approach (American Management Association)

Build Strong Work Relationships to Boost Team Performance To improve the level of engagement and performance among team members, managers must master the art of flexing their leadership style to increase the quality and quantity of their conversations with the people they lead. During this webcast, you’ll learn the timeless truths and proven practices of the most widely-used leadership model in the world.  Look at the ways managers—new and experienced alike—can improve the way they connect and communicate with others to improve performance.

For more information and to register for this program, visit:


Wednesday, July 1 (11-12 pm)

Creative Thank You’s: Boost Donations with an Attitude of Gratitude (4Good)

Creating long-lasting relationships and inspiring donors to give again and again is not as easy as you might think. What do donors want? It’s simple really: to feel truly appreciated with a heartfelt thank you. However, it’s deceptively simple. Why? You want your donors to feel really, really good. And you want them to remember that feeling. How can you create a lasting glow? How can you go beyond the standard show of thanks and create a gratification strategy that makes donors feel valued and motivated to keep giving? Join us for this interactive, 60-minute webinar to discover how to show gratitude in a way that knocks your donors’ socks off and gets them to keep giving to your nonprofit.

For more information and to register for this program, visit: Continue reading ‘FREE Library Continuing Education for July’