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Rocky Mountain National Park

January 26, 2015 marks the 100th anniversary of the creation of Rocky Mountain National Park.  President Wilson signed the bill in to law in 1915, although efforts to create the Park began much earlier. To read more about the history of the Park, including some articles by local naturalist Enos A. Mills, please visit:

Map Showing the Proposed Lines of the New National Park in the Estes Park Region
Fort Collins Weekly Courier
February 7, 1913


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Great White Hurricane

March 11-14, 1888 the East Coast of the United States experienced one of the worst blizzards in its history. The Great White Hurricane tore down telegraph lines, caused snow drifts up to 50 feet tall, and trapped passengers on trains between rail stations. The Blizzard of 1888 was not anticipated and people were unprepared for the storm that dumped 50 inches in some parts of the East.

A Snow Blockade
Leadville Daily and Evening Chronicle
March 13, 1888

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Missed the Libraries and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Webinar?

Never fear! You can watch the recorded session here!

Lee Wheeler-Berliner, the WIOA Project and Change Manager for the Council provided an overview of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, a timeline, and potential opportunities for public libraries. If your library is currently providing workforce services for your community, or is interested in doing so, I recommend reviewing the webinar and contacting Lee with questions that you may have.

Bloody Sunday

In 1905, worker strikes in Russia threatened success both at home and in the middle of war.  On January 22, 1905, unarmed striking workers were attacked by Imperial soldiers. Modern estimates place the number killed at around 1,000. The massacre led to a series of strikes around Russia and helped kick off the Revolution.  To read accounts of the events as they happened, please visit the articles below.

Serious Strike in Russia
Silver Cliff Rustler
January 25, 1905

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First Zeppelin Attack on Britain

The first zeppelin raid on Britain took place on January 19, 1915. Many had not believed that zeppelins could travel from Germany all the way to England, and felt secure that they would hear an aeroplane attack coming.  The Zeppelin was invented by Count von Zeppelin over the course of 30 years of experimentation and trials. Read more about the reactions to the first zepplin raid in the articles below.

Air Warships
Carbonate Chronicle
December 25, 1899

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National Western Stock Show

The annual National Western Stock Show is running in Denver January 10 – 25, 2015.  The Convention began as a way for area cattle and stock growers to discuss business concerns and exchange ideas.  In 1906 they held their first regional Exposition, which eventually became the National Western Stock Show.

Stock Men’s Convention. Fourth Annual Meeting of the Cattle and Horse Growers of Denver
Durango Democrat
March 15, 1904

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Meeting in the Middle – A unique learning opportunity for branch managers

In between the visionary library directors and the hands-on frontline staff are the branch managers who run departments and buildings, manage projects, and supervise staff and other supervisors.1186822_92570711

These folks juggle many hats, to mix metaphors, and must reconcile the conflicting day-to-day demands of employees, library users, building maintenance, their bosses in the administrative offices and their fellow managers. Library middle-managers do everything from plumbing to personnel – the pragmatists who keep the doors open and the lights on.

The Colorado State Library is pleased to announce our second offering of the Meeting in the Middle – Dealing with the Unique Challenges of Branch Level Library Management Workshop. This 3 – part, interactive, and highly participatory series is geared especially towards branch level management in libraries. During the workshop we will focus on what it means to be a manager, while providing practical information, tools, and techniques your branch managers need to get the job done.

If you are a branch manager or small library director, this series is for you! Don’t just take our word for it; see what last year’s participants had to say!

  • “This series helped me to examine my areas of weakness, and also gave me to ability to address them and move on with confidence.”
  • “I LOVED meeting new people/other middle managers!”
  • “I liked having to address a specific issue and work toward resolving a real work problem.”

Learn more about this unique opportunity and how to register by visiting the Library Creation and Learning website!


Aha! Moments: What they are and how to have more!

CSLinSessionLooking for inspiration for the next year! Have some inspiration you want to share with others?

Join us for our next CSL in Session: Aha! Moments: What they are and how to have more! On Thursday January 15 from 12:00 – 1:00 PM (Mountain Time). Using interactive examples and exercises, participants will learn techniques they can use to expand their thinking. Through this session, you can share your own experiences and discover other methods for increasing creativity and experiencing more insights.

No registration is required! The session will be offered via Adobe Connect. You can access the classroom via the CSL in Session website.

Oatmeal Recipes

Each January, Lafayette plays host to the Quaker Oatmeal Festival. Held annually for 19 years, the Festival highlights the value of oatmeal in your diet. Oatmeal has been a staple for many years, although it was not always used how you might think. To read some instructions on cooking oatmeal, and a few choice recipes, please visit:

Hints to Housekeepers
Colorado Transcript
January 5, 1898

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Happy Birthday Elvis

Elvis Aaron Presley was born 80 years ago today, on January 8, 1935.  There was not much news about Presley or his rise to fame in the local newspapers. Instead, we offer you a series of advertisements about his movies, showing how frequently those films were produced and shown in some Colorado theaters.

The Gad-About (scroll down)
Douglas County News
November 29, 1956

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