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Free SIPA Services and Grants Webinar

Do You Know About SIPA?

SIPA ( stands for the Statewide Internet Portal Authority.  SIPA was formed by the Colorado General Assembly to provide efficient and effective e-Government services for Colorado government entities and their citizens through the use of modern business practices and innovative technology.

Some of the services they provide – at free or discounted cost – include, but are not limited to:
– Payment Processing
– Event Registration
– Websites on
– Google Apps for Government

SIPA also offers micro-grants to help you improve and streamline services that will assist in providing more information and technology online to citizens. In the past, these grants have been used for everything from scanners to funding historic newspaper digitization.

Briana Milligan from Colorado’s SIPA will share the possibilities and power of working with SIPA. She’ll also tell us more about their upcoming fall grant cycle.

Join us at 12:00 on October 9th to learn more about what SIPA and SIPA’s grants can do for your library and community.  This webinar will be hosted  by Christine Kreger and Mary McCarthy of the Colorado State Library.

Webinar access:

A Nagging Feeling

It’s there, in the back of your mind, the feeling that you missed something. You can’t quite put your finger on it and maybe it’s keeping you up at night.  You continue to ask yourself “what could it be?”… did I forget to pay the cell phone bill, pick up the dry cleaning, send a thank you note?Survey

Wait! Did you neglect to complete the Continuing Education (CE) Needs Assessment being sponsored by the State Library and CLiC?

If indeed you did forget…or postpone to when you “had the time” the time is now!

The survey closes on October 3 and we REALLY do need you to give us your opinion…not to mention that there are PRIZES!

So don’t delay, we’re waiting to hear from you.

Colorado Experience : Manassa Mauler

World champion boxer Jack Dempsey (William Harrison “Jack” Dempsey) was born in Manassa, Colorado on June 24, 1895. He won the world heavyweight title from Jess Willard on July 4, 1919. Be sure to catch The Manassa Mauler episode of the PBS Colorado Experience ( ) on October 2, 2014.

The five-ounce gloves
Range Ledger
June 21, 1919

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Federal Trade Commission 100th Anniversary

On September 26, 1914, President Wilson signed the Federal Trade Commission Bill into law. The FTC was part of Wilson’s campaign against trusts, to protect consumers against monopolies and unfair business practices. You can read more about the FTC’s history on their official site,

Senate Committee Reports on Federal Trade Commission Bill
Fort Collins Weekly Courier
June 26, 1914

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Trench Warfare Begins

Trench warfare in World War I started early in September 1914.  While the trenches were constructed differently on opposing sides of the war, many of the experiences in the trenches were similar.  To read some early reports of trench warfare, please visit these articles.

British Cool in Battle
Wray Rattler
September 3, 1914

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Battle of Bannockburn

On September 18, 2014 voters in Scotland are at the polls to determine whether or not to become an independent nation. Ireland gained Home Rule on September 18, 1914. 2014 is also the 700th anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn, fought during the First War of Scottish Independence.

Notes About War
Daily Journal
March 12, 1896

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Irish Home Rule

On September 18, 2014, Scotland is facing a vote to become independent from the United Kingdom. On September 18, 1914, Irish Home Rule was approved after years of efforts, and a portion of Ireland seceded from the United Kingdom. While the Home Rule vote passed and received royal assent in 1914, Irish Home Rule was not established until 1920 due to WWI.
Home Rule Inevitable
Carbonate Chronicle
February 6, 1911

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Announcing the recipients of the Colorado State Library CALCON 2014 Scholarships

I am thrilled to announce the recipients of the Colorado State Library CALCON 2014 Scholarships!

The Small/Rural Scholarships were awarded to Jennifer Hillebrandt, Youth Services Coordinator for the Gunnison County Library District and Kristy Scott, Library Technician II for the Colorado Department of Corrections La Vista Correctional Facility.

The Student Scholarship was awarded to Zoraya Salas, Bilingual Library Associate for the High Plains Library District. Zoraya is working on her MLIS at the University of Southern California.

Please join me in congratulating all of our scholarship recipients!

2014 LSTA Recipients

CSL has now determined who the lucky participants of the 2014 grants are. Eight fantastic projects were chosen for the grants. I have listed below who those recipients are and what they plan on doing with their grant  monies. Congrats!

 WHO: Mesa County Libraries 

WHAT: Mesa County Libraries Business Connect

Mesa County Libraries will be partnering with both the Business Incubator Center and the Colorado Small Business Development Center to provide services to entrepreneurs and small business owners  by offering education of the resources available to them within the library, including research skills, website expectations and use of social media.


WHO: Explorer Elementary in Colorado Springs

WHAT: Collaborating Young Authors 

Explorer Elementary School will be instigating  a program that will apply Makerspace philosophy to writing, as well as establishing best practices for the integrated curriculum and tools.


WHO: Poudre River Public Library


Poudre River Public Library will be establishing at Maker Space at the Northside Aztlan Center that will focus on Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts and  Math to encourage the community’s low-income and Latino youth as a place to congregate after -school.


 WHO: Denver Public Library

WHAT: Carrito Librito-The Little Book Cart 

The Denver Public library will be facilitating outreach to the Latino community, specifically ages birth-three, using an ice cream type push card containing books, information about DPL, crafts  and snackables.


WHO: Jefferson County Public Library

WHAT: JCPL Digital U

Jefferson County Public Library will be partnering with Senior Resource Center, Bridges to Opportunity and Metro West Housing Solutions to provide  mobile kits of laptops and digital devices to be circulated (along with library staff ) amongst the six branch libraries, senior centers, community centers, and the county’s homeless shelters to facilitate teaching much needed technology skills.


WHO: Montrose Regional Library District

WHAT: Linking Latinos to the Library

The Montrose Regional Library District, in an effort to address the needs of it’s Latino community will be hosting a Dia de los Meurtos celebration, offering citizenship classes, ESL classes and  training, computer classes as well as other classes of interest (TBD) to the Latino community.



WHO: Pueblo City-county Library District

WHAT: Operation Integration: Language, Literacy & Learning

PCCLD is expanding it’s existing service of providing bilingual (English/Spanish) literacy, computer/digital training and language development classes from 40 to 60 adult students.


WHO: Pine River

WHAT: Heritage Hub

Pine River Library, in cooperation with the Pine River Senior Center,  will provide a program to teach seniors to digitally record and preserve their personal histories



Oceanic Liner Sinks

Oceanic was an ocean liner, part of the famous White Star Line.  During World War I, Oceanic was commissioned into service in the Royal (British) Navy.  On September 8, 1914, the ship Oceanic wrecked on the coast Scotland. The mysterious circumstances were not revealed by the government at the time, and the story was put out that the Germans had sunk the Oceanic.  Years later, it was revealed that the crew had run the ship aground in fair weather, but the truth would have further lowered wartime morale.

Oceanic on Her Maiden Trip
Telluride Journal
September 9, 1899

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