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Sometimes, librarians are seen as rebels…


In 1982, after an increase in challenged books, Banned Books Week began. It seems incredible that the freedom to read can be contested in a free society and yet it is. It continues to be a struggle 31 years later and librarians still have to put aside their own personal morals, ethics and opinions and become a rebel for the common good. And hey, sometimes a little rebellious streak is just plain fun!

According to, this year’s top 10 challenged books are as follows:

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Salvaging Treasures after a Flood

Hi Everyone!

We are aware that there have been many resources, guidelines, encouragement and support sent out on the LibNet, however, we wanted to be sure to post here on the blog as well. A special thank you Dan Lawrence, our NRS director, for compiling the resource list below. Drying out has begun and recovery is on its way!

Salvaging Treasures After a Flood

General Information Sources:

For Individuals:

For Libraries, Museums, and Other Cultural Heritage Institutions:

The following recommendations were provided by Julie Page of Western States & Territories Preservation Assistance Service (WESTPAS) to help libraries, museums and other heritage institutions to assess damage and prepare to reach out to a vendor and are reprinted with permission. Flooded sites are being encouraged to take photos of damage and ask for help.

  • Use a company that has a good reputation and offices in the state and ask lots of questions
  • Ask for contact info for prior customers (to provide references) who have had similar work done in the past for the same type of institution (libraries, museums, etc.)
  • Select a company with a standard rate chart for services, one that applies in a disaster like is being experienced as well as when there is little work. This is where it is easy to get taken advantage of.
  • Work closely with your insurance company as they will know the good companies and possibly have some connections to get help sooner
  • Try to get a company that can do your whole job (building, equipment, collections, etc.) and not subcontract. If they have to subcontract any work on damaged collections, keep control on where your collections are treated and consult experts.
  • Get water damaged collections frozen as quickly as possible, before they start to dry out if you can. For collections that can be frozen to stop mold growth and further damage AND to BUY YOU TIME to make good decisions, see the attached handout (in case doesn’t attach, see:   A10 and A11
  • Protect undamaged collections, equipment, etc. and get it out of compromised buildings so it doesn’t become part of your disaster.
  • Take lots of photos of damage (see note below). Flash will allow you to see much more when there is no other lighting. Download to a laptop and assess damage. Useful also in discussions with a vendor.
  • For flood damaged historic buildings, a document that may help is: National Trust for Historic Preservation “Treatment of Flood Damaged Older and Historic Buildings” (pdf online). Searching with title will also pull up more information. I am going out on a limb here, not my field of expertise. Suggest contacting the SHPO’s office for historic structures. Use a vendor with experience drying older structures.
  • Ask for assistance in deciding your best course of action  with collections use the WESTPAS emergency number for cultural institutions (not for the general public please!): 888-905-7737

One of the reputable companies that has a large presence in Colorado is BELFOR Property Restoration, with Colorado Springs, Denver, Ft. Collins and Glenwood Springs offices.

They will have mobilized their catastrophic response (CAT) team nationally to Colorado. That said, they will be very busy with their Red Alert clients. If you can get damaged collections frozen, you can then wait and have them dry materials when things settle down.

For freezer storage in Colorado, search:

In a quick search, these facilities turned up, and there may be more:

  • Americold Logistics Denver UNITED STATES
  • Denver Cold Storage, a division of Reddyice Corporation Denver UNITED STATES
  • Diversified Transfer & Storage Inc. Denver UNITED STATES
  • Interstate Warehousing, Inc. Denver UNITED STATES
  • Millard Refrigerated Services Greeley UNITED STATES
  • Oneida Cold Storage and Warehouse, Inc. Henderson UNITED STATES

One Book 4 Colorado recognized

Congrats to our team here at the State Library that was involved with One Book 4 Colorado! CAL has awarded the program this year’s Library Community Partnership Award. The award “recognizes achievements in planning and implementing collaborative library programs or services between Colorado libraries or between a Colorado library and businesses, organization, group or individual.”  Way to be awesome all who participated!!  Your recognition is well deserved.

Colorado Librarian of the Year is….Amelia Shelley!



Congratulations to Amelia Shelley, librarian with the Garfield County Libraries! She will be honored next month at the CAL conference. Her nomination letter states, “She helped everyone in Garfield County…envision tomorrow’s library; highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing community hubs where one can go to attend community events, find resources and access technology.”  As libraries reinvent themselves as community centers, it is fantastic to know that our state is acknowledging the amazing work done by our wonderful librarians successfully transitioning the nature of the library.




AskColorado/AskAcademic Celebrates 10 Years!

askcoloradologo1    AskAcademic_Vertical-small

On Monday, AskColorado/AskAcademic (ASK) marked its tenth anniversary. Since September. 2, 2003, ASK librarians have quietly and efficiently fielded over 370,000 sessions with K-12 students, college students, business researchers, military personnel, and many other information seekers. Many of our libraries are celebrating today with cake, and we’re posting photos at our Facebook page.

Recent comments from customers highlight the information niche filled by the ASK services: 

  • My librarian not only helped me find the article I needed, she taught things about the database that will better help me find exactly what I need in the future. Great job! (AskAcademic)
  • This is a great service, and not only would I use it again I am a teacher that would recommend this to students to use to help with research! (AskColorado)
  • It’s 6:30 a.m. and my question was answered by a “real” person. I’m impressed! (AskColorado)

The ASK service has worked with citizens from every county in Colorado on a wide range of questions spanning the gamut from homework help for kids, to what to read next, to assistance finding medical or legal information. Recent research questions include: 

  • I’m trying to find some articles from the magazine Biometrics, but I don’t know where to start looking. Can you help? (AskColorado)
  • Does the government or state control animal rabies testing? (AskColorado)
  • Where can I find annotated bibliographies on educating non-violent felony offender? (AskAcademic)
  • I need to cite three outside sources, which provide credible and appropriate support for my point of view. Can you help me find some? (AskAcademic)  

The following libraries are founding members of our organization, and ten-year, continuing members, which means they’ve been with us since the beginning! We think these libraries deserve special recognition and a round of applause:  

 * Adams State University, Nielsen Library
* Aims Community College, Kiefer Library
* Auraria Library
*  Aurora Public Library
*  Bud Werner Memorial Library (E. Routt LD, Steamboat)
* Colorado Christian University Library
*  Colorado State Library
* Colorado State Publications Library (Referral Library)
* Elbert County Library District
* Jefferson County Public Library
*  Lamar Public Library
* Health Sciences Library, University of Colorado at Denver, Ancschutz Medical Campus (Referral Library)
*  Mamie Doud Eisenhower Public Library (Broomfield)
*  Colorado Mesa University, Tomlinson Library
* Montrose Regional Library District
* National Indian Law Library (Referral Library)
* Pitkin County Public Library
* Salida Regional Library (Southern Chaffee County Regional Library District)
* Security Public Library
* Sterling Public Library
* Summit County Library
* Western State University, Savage Library
* Westminster Law Library, University of Denver (Referral Library)

Check our website for a full listing of our member libraries!

ASK is a member-based organization that operates on a model similar to NRP: We’re grant and member funded and supported. Thank you to all Colorado librarians, who, over the years, have helped us to make AskColorado and AskAcademic the high quality, personalized service that it is today.  If you would like to learn more about our organization, including how to join, check out the following webpage:

Yours in reference and information services,

*Kris Johnson, AskColorado/AskAcademic (ASK) Operations Manager