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It’s a Circus at this Library!

circusI had an opportunity recently to visit two branches of the Elbert County Library District. I learned that the circus is coming to the town of Elizabeth, CO — and is scheduled not only as a fundraiser but to take place on the grounds of the library, where YES, there is plenty of space for the circus and parking!

So, if you’re in the area on July 21, stop by to support the library!

A decision has been made

The Denver Public Library has made the decision to name its new branch after Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales. The decision was not without contention and opposition, however, there was strong support within the community for the branch to be named after the controversial Chicano rights activist.

Ramon Del Castillo, a professor of Chicano studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver, stated, “It is a significant victory for the Chicano Community”.

For more in depth details about the decision, the Denver Post article can be found here:

Announcement: Preservation Site Assessment application


Preservation Assessment Application

The Colorado Connecting to Connections initiative is accepting applications for preservation assessments for both traditional (analog) collections and digital collections. These assessments are funded through an IMLS grant and will support five digital preservation readiness assessments and twenty-five assessments of traditional collections. These assessments are to be undertaken between July, 2013 and September, 2014. 

Assessments will be performed by trained and experienced assessors at no cost to the selected institutions. 

Program description: Colorado archives, historical societies, libraries and museums are eligible for this program. Each assessment involves an onsite visit and a follow-up report. The digital preservation readiness assessment is a full day onsite visit, while the traditional collection assessments are conducted in 2-3 hours.

For a more detailed description of each of the assessments:  Traditional  Digital

Online Applications:

Applications are due by June 30, 2013.

Posted on behalf of:

Dana Echohawk | Project Manager

Colorado Connecting to Collections

Managing Director | Center for Colorado & The West | Auraria Library

1100 Lawrence St | Denver, CO 80204-2041

303.556.5818 | |

Join us online for the June ILEAD USA Keynotes!


The second in-person session of ILEAD USA (Innovative Librarians Explore, Apply and Discover) starts June 18, 2013.

ILEAD USA is the Colorado State Library’s multi-state initiative to help library staff understand and respond to user needs through the application of participatory technology tools and the creation of an easy-to-replicate model program.  Building on two extremely successful cohorts held in 2010 and 2011, this year Illinois participants will join participants from Illinois, Utah, Ohio and Iowa. Sessions will be held simultaneously in each of the five states.  The second session runs from June 18-20, 2013. 

Keynote addresses will be delivered by web streaming on the following dates:

  • Tuesday June 18, 9:30 AM MDT,  Eli Neiburger  Topic:  The Inverted Library: Harnessing the Creative Power of the Internet Generations to Reinvent Library Service   
  • Wednesday, June 19, 9:00 AM MDT, Susan Hildreth, Director of IMLS Topic: A Vision for Innovative Libraries
  • Wednesday, June 19, 9:30 AM MDT, Emily Dowdall  Topic:  Hotspots, Health, and High School Kids: Library Strategies to Bridge the Digital Divide
  • Thursday June 20, 9:30 AM MDT, Sari Feldman  Topic: Community Engagement:  The Future of Libraries

There will be several ways to follow ILEAD USA:

Web Streaming  (Note, Emily Dowdall’s keynote will be streamed at on Wednesday June 19, 9:30 AM)



Twitter  (#ileadusa)

ILEAD USA is made possible by a Laura Bush 21st Century Librarian Program grant to the Illinois State Library from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Changes to Ask Colorado starting in July

On behalf of Dan Lawrence, the Network Resource Sharing Director, here at the CSL below is what to expect come July with Ask Colorado services:

You may have already heard or read previous notices on Libnet about changes to AskColorado.  We’d like to remind the library community about changes to the way live, online reference services will be offered to residents in the state of Colorado beginning July 1.


These offerings are the latest in a long history of flexible, evolving changes to the ASK service: AskColorado and AskAcademic.


The State Library values virtual reference services, as do many libraries statewide. While participation of many libraries is desirable for full collaboration, staff has worked with the advisory team of participating libraries to develop these changes to allow ongoing services for those libraries who continue to support and rely on ASK for their communities.


Your comments and further question are welcome. Feel free to let me know, or contact the ASK Operations Manager, Kris Johnson (


What’s happening?

  • To enable libraries to better serve their own communities AskColorado is moving to a new service model .
  • The customer-base for the new service model will be the residents and users (including students of all levels) of the participating public libraries.
  • Beginning July 1  will connect customers of member libraries to their home library for virtual reference options.
  • The General and K-12 queues will be merged, with a restructured customer entry form that will list the names of the participating public libraries, replacing the current list of Colorado counties.


Why the change?

  • Several libraries have opted to serve their own customers directly, and cease participation in the AskColorado cooperative.
  • With fewer participating libraries, providing open service to all Colorado residents is no longer possible. A smaller cooperative has resulted in a reduced ability to meet statewide demand for 24/7 live online reference services.
  • AskColorado will focus efforts on providing the highest level of service to the customers of those libraries that continue to participate in the cooperative.


What isn’t changing?

  • ASK is still a collaborative virtual reference service staffed by two groups:
    • AskColorado/AskAcademic  member libraries, and
    • Paid after-hours librarians.
  • AskColorado will continue to be a 24/7 virtual reference collaborative available to public library members and their constituents.
  • AskAcademic will continue to be a 24/7 virtual reference collaborative available to academic library members and their faculty, staff, and students.


If you would like to participate in AskColorado or learn more about the benefits of collaborative virtual reference, you can get more information at

CSL In Session-an online learning event

We at the State Library are all about learning and opportunities and we have “CSL In Session” learning events on occasion! Our next one is June 12th from 12:30-1:30pm. Below is a bit more about it. Please join us!


CSL In Session –  Why aren’t they reading quietly?! Messing around at the library, with Kieran Hixon, Sharon Morris and Aaron Bock

The session will be held online in Adobe Connect at


Do you seek ideas on how to turn your library from a grocery store to a kitchen? Are you looking for ways to engage folks in your library? Come hang out, mess around and geek out with us. Get inspiration from others about letting creation and HOMAGO happen in your library.  Please see the CSL In Session website for recommended resources related to this session:

About Kieran Hixon: Kieran is passionate about rural libraries. His focus has been on open source software and low cost tech solutions for small rural libraries. He is excited to be an errant librarian on the edges of the digital divide. He is known for his high energy and humor, and isn’t sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing. He lives on forty acres with his wife in a house he built.

Kieran will be joined in the session by Sharon Morris from the Colorado State Library, and Aaron Bock of Anythink.


** Please show up ready and willing to share your thoughts and experiences!  These classes are participatory and interactive.
** All that’s needed to participate is a computer with internet access and a headset or speakers.
** Learner participation in the session will take place via chat, so a phone line or microphone isn’t needed.
** No registration is required.

LSTA Webinar

Hello all!

Just a reminder, our wonderful fiscal officer, Jean Heilig is hosting a webinar JUNE 11th at 9-10am.  It will be 20 minute overview, followed by questions and project ideas.

Note that we’ll be using a phone bridge for this online session, so an Internet connection for your computer and a separate phone line are required.

Step 1: Access the meeting room online:  Please enter your name as you log in as a guest.

Step 2: On entering the meeting room, you will see a pop-up form to Connect My Audio.  You have the option to “Dial-in to the conference”, or “Receive a call from the meeting (Dial-out)”.  If you choose to receive a call, be sure your phone is on the hook so the call can come through!

Note: if your phone line has an extension, please use the Dial-in option.  The call out option is automated and can’t handle an extension.

Please allow 5-10 minutes to log in.

Jean hopes you shall attend, so please do! The LSTA grants do amazing things for Colorado libraries!



LARC at CSU-Pueblo is distinctive

Who can argue with excellence?

The Library and Academic  Resources (LARC) at Colorado State University-Pueblo is apparently excellent according to the United States Green Building Council. The newly renovated building has been bequeathed with the pretigious Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) award.

The press release from the University states that the building “now includes an innovative chilled beam mechanical system, efficient water and lighting fixtures, and daylight harvesting to dim lighting when spaces are lit by natural sunlight. Nearly half of the materials used on the project have some level of recycled content”.

Yet another example of a Colorado library’s renovation being relevant to the 21st century. Congrats!!

Its at DPL and its Gigantic!

Denver Public Library is holding its GIGANTIC USED BOOK SALE

This Thursday  –  Sunday (June 6-9)! Under the tents.

Over 70,000 items will be on sale for $5 or less. For teachers and non-profits (with ID), Sunday between 2-3pm is the GREAT BOOK GIVEAWAY.

Don’t miss it! Tell your friends!