Get Involved with Water 2012!

The Water 2012 Initiative kicked off with its first author event this week with a presentation from author and photographer Pete McBride. Pete traveled and photographed the entire Colorado River through seven states and two countries and documented his journey with Jon Waterman in the Colorado River: Flowing Through Conflict. One of McBride’s challenges was “to find fresh perspectives while focusing on the beauty within the tragedy of such an overtaxed system.”

McBride certainly finds that balance. He starts his journey at Snowmass Mountain and ends it in Mexico where the Colorado is mostly non-existent. Although the future of the Colorado River seems dire, McBride is optimistic that the delta can be saved. Justice Greg Hobbs interviewed McBride and offered his legal perspective on some of the issues. (Photo attached.)

The second Water 2012 event took place at the Colorado Stock Show. In the children’s educational area on the 2nd floor, a booth was set up by Water 2012 staff to educate school children about the importance of water in our communities. Kids spun a wheel that landed them information on how much water you find in a vegetable or fruit or allowed them to win a free prize. On some days over 700 kids visited the booth! (I have a photo I can send you on this.)

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