AskColorado/AskAcademic Holds First UnWorkshop

Following the popular ‘unConference’ model, AskColorado/AskAcademic (ASK) held its first UnWorkshop on Oct. 13th. Unconferences are loosely structured gatherings in which participants drive the content. Forty librarians attended, and loosely wrangled by members of the ASK Quality Assurance Committee, introduced themselves and offered topics for discussion and learning. Participants then gathered in small groups and discussed topics such as how to effectively assist students when classes log into the service; best practices for working with college students; managing excitable customers, and more.

ASK has held an annual workshop for the past seven years, but this was the first unworkshop. While new to participants, the majority were excited about the format. One participant commented: “I liked the unconference structure. It was energizing to be able to vote on topics to be covered, and discuss the topics with people who were also interested in the same things. I think that helped generate a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the individual sessions.”

See attendees having fun and participating in the event at the AskColorado Flickr stream.

For more information about AskColorado & its partner queue, AskAcademic, please contact Coordinator Kris Johnson, 303-866-6922.

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