AIRS Announces 2011-12 Statewide Package

Posted on behalf of Linda Sturgeon, AIRS Chair—–
The AIRS Committee (Acquisition of Information Resources Statewide) has negotiated with OCLC and EBSCO to provide selected databases covering general, business and K-12 information at a special Colorado statewide rate.
For the coming fiscal year (July 1, 2011 – June 30, 2012), the statewide package of databases has been finalized. Details about the FY11-12 program are available on the AIRS web site. The AIRS Committee was able to keep pricing stable for FY2011-2012 even while many libraries with shrinking budgets were forced to drop out last year and may be dropping out during the coming year.
These have been difficult years for libraries, which continue to face increased use of resources and lower funding. Despite these challenges, the number of libraries participating in the AIRS database program continues to help sustain this collaborative purchase effort, along with subsidy funds from the State Library. Working together, libraries still find they save money over “going it alone.”
On the AIRS web site, you will find:
  • The AIRS Spring 2011 Newsletter
  • A letter from the State Library and AIRS
  • A note about the EBSCO Elite vs EBSCO Premier package
  • History of the package
  • Details about the 2011-2012 package, including pricing
  • Contact information for various individuals involved with the AIRS program
During the coming days, Amigos Library Services will be sending invoices to libraries that subscribed to the AIRS package in FY2011-12. During the coming months, AIRS will be conducting needs assessments using a variety of information-gathering methods. This activity will lead to a review of various vendor products, followed by an RFI/RFP process for FY2012-13 and beyond.
Any of the AIRS Committee members welcome your questions and comments, or feel free to contact me directly.
Linda Sturgeon | AIRS Chair
Email: lsturgeon[at] | Website:
Direct: 303-688-7608 | General: 303-791-READ (7323)
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