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Preliminary Data From the 2008 Public Library Annual Report

Recently LRS published the preliminary data from the 2008 Public Library Annual Report (PLAR). There are customizable statistics reports and standardized reports, including input/output measures, state totals, averages, and ratios, available.

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Libraries and the Economic Recession – Survey Results

In April, the Library Research Service (LRS) launched the 60-second survey, “Libraries and the Economic Recession.” This survey was prompted by several news articles discussing the recession’s impact on libraries and librarians.

They wanted to know what folks on the front lines had observed about the economy, and how the recession had impacted their work and their career plans. Nearly 500 people responded.

The results indicate that libraries are indeed seeing increases in use and requests for assistance, and librarians are feeling the squeeze themselves.

View the complete results (PDF)
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Statewide Database Package Unveiled (AIRS)

Posted on behalf of Michelle Jeske…

Subscription information for the 2009/2010 Colorado Statewide Database Package is now available.

All current subscribers will soon receive a packet from BCR that includes:

  • Invoice for your library for 2009/2010
  • List of the databases included in the 2009/2010 package and
    subscriber pricing
  • Contact and additional information

New subscribers can find information about the package, pricing, and a link to the online order form on the AIRS website
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Colorado Libraries and ARRA

The Colorado State Library continues to update Colorado libraries about ARRA via

Below is a message State Library Executive Director Gene Hainer sent to public library directors this week:

Three updates to the ARRA page on

1. Several months ago a firm related to the B&M Gates’ Foundation contacted you or your IT staff to gather data about broadband access, speed, funding, oversight and other elements in Colorado libraries. The results of that effort are posted on the ARRA site,

2. Besides the full excel sheet with 98% of the state’s libraries included, there is a one-page overview that may be helpful for your Boards, civic leaders, or vendors.
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Surviving Middle School

Some good reads this summer for youngsters entering Middle School are on display at the LaJunta Middle School library. The booklets titled – How to Survive Middle School are authored by local middle schoolers. Librarian, Tammy Evett, says that the books are wildly popular. Flipping through the booklet one finds great words of wisdom from these pre-teen authors. For instance, need some advice about “catching a boy”? Answer: volunteer to be part of a group project he’s assigned to. These booklets are loaded with tips, tricks, and tactics for surviving Middle School. Check em out!

A Tribute to Jody

Plastic student sculpture

The first thing that caught my eye as I walked into the Pueblo County High Library was the life-size plastic sculpture crafted by an art student. As you can see this gentleman is holding the high school newspaper – The Hornet News. Other events happening at this vibrant library, were a mock trial , students gathered around tables, and a pack of computers lined up and waiting for the next group. School Media Specialist, Jody Robinson, will be retiring this year after a 18 years of blood, sweat, and tears service to Pueblo High. She has been a librarian for 36 years. Jody had a retirement party a few weeks back and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. She will be greatly missed.

Mini-Trainings on Diversity Presented by the Special Populations & Issues Committee

The Special Populations Committee of the Colorado State Library presents a series of call conferences for all libraries statewide on issues of inclusivity, from the comfort of your own library.

Hear about ‘Community Conversations’ events that attracted hundreds of new patrons to ten local libraries! Participate in FREE mini-trainings from our statewide partners, to help your library become more inclusive! Increase your knowledge of diversity issues!

RSVP at for call-in numbers.

See flyer for more information (PDF)
Library Diversity website

Colorado Connections, the new video blog from the State Library

Colorado Connections, the Video Blog of the Colorado State LibraryWe’d like to announce the first edition of Colorado Connections, The Colorado State Library Video Blog! This is a new bi-monthly (or thereabouts) communication channel that the State Library will use to introduce you to some of our staff, and focus attention on current projects.

We hope the video blog will not only help you know more about the Colorado State Library, but will also be useful for other audiences, such as your public library board of directors or other staff, who may not be as familiar with the State Library and what we’re working on.

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Want funding for broadband?

It’s been strangely difficult for library leaders in Colorado and the U.S. to stay abreast of opportunities for securing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funding, particularly tied to investment in computer networking (broadband) for libraries. Why? There has been little detail provided to libraries about application criteria and procedures.

Happily, several librarians in Colorado and at the State Library have been tracking this topic!

A “broadband update” memo [pdf] has been released by the State Library, summarizing activities and progress to date.  The State library also is maintaining a general ARRA Resources page for libraries.

Successful LSTA Grants for 2008-2009

The reach of this year’s awarded LSTA competitive grants went beyond the original 16 awardees. Several of the grantees developed innovative projects that included outreach and partnerships with other libraries. This Google map shows how 16 awards enriched 38 individual libraries throughout the state!