Learning 2.0: a Colorado Conversation

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I had the pleasure of attending the Learning 2.0: a Colorado Conversation unconference at Heritage High School last Saturday, where I had the opportunity to interact with educators and IT staff from schools throughout Colorado (as well as Nebraska, Montana, and even Australia participated virtually).

The entire unconference was filled with the spirit of sharing, the presentations were thought provoking, and the high school student panel discussion on technology was enlightening.

–The # 1 technology students wanted to see incorporated into the classroom…projectors so that all students in the room can follow along.


–The students also mentioned that incorporating technology like blogs/wikis into the classroom was important as a way to better engage and encourage all types of participation, while more traditional classroom instruction tends to favor students who are not shy or reserved about speaking up in class.

–Students felt it was more important for a teacher to stick to his/her preferred teaching style than to bring technology into the classroom because it is trendy.


Other items that struck me during the day…

–Educators are suffering the same type of growing pains as information professionals when it comes to keeping up with technology. How can we all do better sharing what we learn along the way?

–Leadership, professional development, cultural changes in the classroom, and preparing students for 21 Century Literacies were important topics.

–Those who presented did an excellent job of showcasing how technology can be used to teach more effectively, and not simply to be “cool.”

–Important issues such as copyright are not being ignored. Teachers are pointing students to the Creative Commons…how cool is that?

New lingo for me:

• Laptop classrooms
• Classroom 2.0 (Ning site)
• Fishbowling
• Scribe posts

I invite you to take a look at the information posted at the unconference wiki for more information about what was discussed. You can also access information from the 2008 unconference.

Eventually, the archived videos of the sessions will be available…and of course there are pictures of the day on Flickr. Extra credit if you can spot me.

This was a free event for teachers, administrators, parents, and anyone else interested in education.

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