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A new branch in Ft. Collins – watch it grow

Click here to watch the progress of the newest 17,500 sq. ft. branch library in Ft. Collins. The project is a joint effort between the City of Ft.Collins, and the newly formed Library District (2006). The family-oriented library will occupy the second floor of a highly visible retail center. The branch is scheduled to open in March of 2009.


Unconferences, called Librarycamps in libraryland, are springing up all over the world. They are popular because the attendees get to decide what will be presented or discussed. No more sitting in the back of the room for a quick exit strategy, because at unconferences participants are encouraged to walk out if a discussion is boring. If this sounds appealing to you, sign up for the very first unconference called LibraryCamp of the West.

I heard they are limiting the attendance to 150 – so quick – get your name on the list!

Writing Contest for Librarians

Thought some of you Colorado librarians might be interested in this.

Smart Poodle Publishing is sponsoring What I Wish Everyone Knew About Librarians

“Entrants must write an essay describing what they wish everyone knew about librarians. Ideas for your entry: Describe your job, and what it takes physically, mentally and financially to keep a library running. How long have you been a librarian? What kind of education did you get to prepare yourself for this job? Do you have any funny stories about events that have taken place in your library? What kind of sense of humor do librarians have? What type of programs does your library offer? Do you run the mobile library unit? Are you in charge of choosing new titles? Have you experienced budget cuts? Have you helped someone in any special way? Do you have an interesting, touching or hilarious story relating to kids? Do you think librarians are underappreciated? Why? Tell your story.”

The next Harry Potter movie

Hey Harry Potter fans! Here is the trailer to the next movie (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) scheduled to hit the theaters in November.

Hot jobs and more!

The hot place to look for Colorado library jobs continues to be LibraryJobline! A few months ago, the site surpassed a significant mark, with more than 1,000 jobs posted! The site continues to be phenomenally popular. In July alone, 27 NEW job listings were added on the site.

Since its launch on January 17, 2007, a total of 1,065 jobs have been posted on LibraryJobline, a service provided to the library community by the Colorado State Library. One feature that has proven itself valuable is the RSS feed (see What is RSS?). How better to be notified when the job of your dream becomes available?!

Library Research Service staff members, led by director Nicolle Steffen, are the brains and brawn behind the site. Zeth Lietzau continues to develop and improve the site, and Deb Gettings tirelessly maintains the site and troubleshoots problems for users.

Hats off to these folks for creating and supporting this fine service!

p.s. Did I mention that we have two REALLY cool jobs available at the State Library? Technology and Digital Initiatives Consultant and Instructional Design and Technology Consultant

Library card not required

The Pueblo City County Library District has created an clever way to get books into the hands of youngsters – sit in the park (preferably by a swimming pool) and wait for the kiddos to show up. The library has taken it one step further by partnering with the YMCA and The Parks & Recreation District to create more fun at the park. Four times each week during the summer, all three organizations meet up at a park to provide crafts, recreational, and educational activities. A library card is not needed, because the gently used books are ones that have been weeded from the library shelves. The children are encouraged to bring the books back the following week, and select different ones. Library staff, Valdea Espinoza and Joyce Gregor, keep track of each child’s reading effort, and prizes are awarded. Guess what the theme is this week? Library staffers, Kath Mugasis, brought her composting bin along with hundreds of red worms to show the crowd how worms can turn kitchen scraps into good dirt. One brave child offered to hold a baby worm (get out your magnifying glass!). Plenty of books on these critters were also available. For more information on how to start a Books in the Park program contact Kate Mugasis or Barbara Brown (719-562-5631) at the Pueblo City County Library District. Click here for more photos in the park.

SWIFT Regional Meetings

SWIFT Regional Meetings are being held at a library near you! 

These regional meetings will be more of a traditional meeting, and less of a training. For example, some of the agenda items that have been suggested by users are NCIP, future of SWIFT, ILL paperwork, and policies like auto-checkin. If there is an agenda item you would specifically like to be discussed, please let me know!

If you would like to attend one of the meetings, please respond to with this information:

*Your name

*Your library

*The meeting you would like to attend

For a list of meetings, please visit:

Red Feather Lakes Community Library & Plinkit

Red Feather Lakes Community Library Director, Sarah MyersRed Feather Lakes Community Library is getting a new website via Plinkit.  In July, Sharon Morris of the Colorado State Library went to Red Feather to train staff and plan design for the website.  We hope to have something live by September.  Red Feather Lakes Community Library will be the 21 Plinkit library in Colorado.

While there, Sharon took several photos including these.

Magical Librarian

Mr. Mike had kids, as well as adults, giggling and on the edge of their seats at the John C. Fremont Library. Magical Mike turned one child into a rabbit , and still the children were eagerly raising their hands to be next up on stage. If you run across Mr. Mike (Michael Cox) who works at the Pueblo City County Library District ask him how he performs the Five Little Piggies magic.
One hour of pure delight!
Click here for more photos!

Great Press on Public Libraries

Gene Hainer pointed out this July 17 Gannett News Service article from the Fort Collins Coloradoan: “Library Demand Continues to Grow.”  This was a Gannett News Organization syndication with local newspapers adding their own local information. See also, Salt Lake Tribune article.  I didn’t find anything published in USA Today but one can hope, right?

Also, Jamie LaRue sent this link to the Dallas Morning News article, In economic slump, more flocking to North Texas libraries

This type of press is great for libraries and these statistics and stories may be worth pointing out to local newspapers around Colorado.  For more facts to support your case, see