Monthly Archive for November, 2007

LEO – Turns 1 and adds new features

LEO – Library Education Opportunity calendar turned one year old last weekend at CAL. Some new features were unveiled that make LEO an even more valuable tool.

– For RSS users, LEO has an RSS Feed. No need to remember to check LEO, just watch for changes through the feed.
– Thirty-four organizations add event to LEO and all those sponsoring organization acronyms can be confusing. The new Acronym List link on the Browse page will help you decipher all those codes!
– Drop down lists are available from the Advanced Search page for searches by topic and/or Target Audience.
– Events can now list multiple sponsoring organizations – great for collaborative events!
– Multiple day events may have different beginning and ending times by day.

LEO had some impressive first year statistics.
– 3888 unique visits
– 188 events
– 2442 keyword searches
– 12,355 browses by calendar month, organization or topic

LEO’s continued growth is up to all of us. It’s a great place to find continuing education events, determine what is already scheduled if your organization is choosing dates for an event, and a great place to advertise events to the library community.

LEO bookmarks are now available from CLiC. Just send me an email, with your name, library, and number of bookmarks you’d like.

Back From CAL

CAL was great this year; in fact the one complaint I heard was that there were too many good sessions being offered at the same time! CLiC had a lot of fun at their booth practicing our French and speaking to folks from around the State. Winners for our Nancy Pearl prizes are Sue Keefer – Fort Lyon Correctional Center and Megan Ellis – Aurora Public Library. Valerie’s presentation on “How to Manage Your Boss” and Shelley’s “Time Management: The GTD Way” were both highly attended and well received. Lisa was the proud recipient of the CAL award for the Best Technology project for LEO, which she graciously shared with the CLiC staff and Quipu group. Ross celebrated a “special” birthday, calling on his good humor while colleagues made sure everyone at the conference knew to wish him Happy Birthday. Robin had her first exposure to working in the booth and enjoyed meeting so many new people. Kudos to the planning committee, headed by Jen Cotton and Jo Sarling who did a fabulous job, and especially to Kathleen Nolan, who is just amazing. Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday and safe travels.

CLiC at CAL – 2007

CLiC at CAL 2007: Your source for finding CLiC activities!


6:00 Nancy Pearl: The Pleasures and Perils of a Life of Reading: CLiC sponsored keynote

10:30-2:30 Celebrating a Winning Team – co-sponsor of preconference. Celebrate & acknowledge your principal for supporting an effective school library program


8:00 – 5:30 Vive la France! Café (Booth 85 & 86)

10:15 Managing Your Boss without Kissing Up! (Steamboat Room)
Your career success is tied to the most important relationship you have at work — your boss! Valerie Horton, CLiC Executive Director

2:00 Leo’s First Birthday Bash (Booth 85 & 86)
Stop by for birthday cake and to enter a drawing for a Nancy Pearl Action figure


8:00 – 1:00 Vive la French Café (Booth 85 & 86)

10:45 Time Management the GTD Way (Aspen)
Getting Things Done (GTD) in a less stressful way is David Allen’s
time management system.
Shelley Walchak, SW Regional Consultant and CE Director

Job Fair

3:00-5:30 Resume Critiques (Cooper Mountain)
CLiC staff and other librarians are available to review your resume
3:30-4:30 Career Connections—Panel (Telluride Room)
School, public, academic, special and consortium library staff offer tips and insights for the job searchers
4:30-5:30 CLiC table (Atrium)
Stop by and learn what it takes to be a CLiC employee