Monthly Archive for August, 2007

Sanborn Maps Tutorial Now Available

The Sanborn Maps Tutorial is now available via the title link above. The first part of tutorial covers the history and use of Sanborn Maps and the second part covers the Building Colorado Story by Story: the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Collection, the digital collection of Sanborn fire insurance maps made available through the University of Colorado Libraries’ Digital Asset Library (DIAL). There are approximately 350 maps (over 2000 sheets), representing 79 cities in 52 counties covering the years of 1883-1922. It is a wonderful collection and fun to look up your town and see what it looked like a hundred years ago in building by building detail.


Phase 2 of CMS was released on August 15th. In the next few days the Primary Courier Contact should be receiving an envelope with the username/password for the secured areas of CMS. Please log on right away and check your library’s contact information. If anything needs to be updated, you have the ability to edit it yourself. In addition to updating your library contacts you can:

– Enter/search Service Issues
– Enter/search Lost or Damaged Items
– Access additional reports
– Print routing slips without entering your library courier code (it knows it and will populate it automatically)
– Look up library and library contact information for other libraries using the Colorado Library Courier.

There has been some confusion as to how CMS relates to Prospector, SWIFT, and Marmot. These system allow you and your patrons (if initiated) to place holds for materials from other libraries. CMS does not interface with these systems. CMS is a tool that assists libraries in creating routing slips and working with the physical delivery aspects of routing material between libraries. You are encouraged to take the 15 minute Resource Sharing in Colorado tutorial,, to learn more about these systems. If you have questions or need clarification the CLiC staff is willing to assist you in any way. Please call the office, numbers are listed below. Erin, Robin, and I can assist you.

Looking to Hire Two Consultants

CLiC anticipates hiring two Regional Consultants to provide a variety of services for individuals and multi-type libraries. Each consultant’s office may be located in a library or operate from home. One consultant will be located in the northeast (Denver area) and one in the southeast (Pueblo) part of Colorado. The regional consultant reports to the Executive Director.
Consultants are responsible for providing leadership in librarianship and library-related technologies. The consultant works with CLiC staff and other organizations in planning, evaluating, promoting, and coordinating learning opportunities and consulting that promote improved library services statewide. Technology expertise and/or experience in school libraries is preferred. Active involvement in a variety of professional associations is also preferred. For more information please use this link: