Monthly Archive for July, 2007

New Courier Codes and CMS Coming Next Week

We’re in the final countdown for the start of using the new Courier Codes and the release of the Courier Management System (CMS). On August 1st, you’ll be able to access CMS at or through the CLiC web site, You’ll be able to lookup new courier codes, print routing slips and a courier code report, and open service issues online. In a few weeks, CLiC will send login information to each library’s courier contact. If logged into CMS, you’ll be able to access some additional features of the system — update your library contact information, report lost or damaged items, track service issues, lookup contact information for other libraries and produce reports. For additional details, see the detailed article submitted to this blog on June 26, 2007.

Wilson’s Library Literature – Information You Need to Know

It’s time for libraries to take advantage of the best electronic library information resource. Wilson’s Library Literature is a source for those questions that always seem to come up – Library 2.0, Space Planning, programming, children’s literature, and so much more! This database is offered as a cooperative purchase through CLiC and is affordable for all libraries. The cost is based on the number of professional librarians on staff and this database is exclusively for use by all library staff. Check the CLiC web site for details and access to the trial,

A subscription/renewal form is on the CLiC web site. The trial ends August 31st and subscriptions will be accepted until that date. Please contact me with questions regarding this offer.

Julie Amero School Porn Trial

Have you heard about the substitute teacher in Norwich Connecticut that was convicted by a jury earlier this year of “four counts of risk of injury to a minor”, the result of pornographic pop up ads showing up on her computer? She faced a maximum of 40 years in prison. The current status of case is that in early June, a Supreme Court judge overturned the January conviction and has ordered a new trial. The prosecution has not announced if it will pursue further charges. This case reads like a Law and Order episode with Defense computer experts not being allowed to testify, flawed testimony by the expert witness for the prosecution and lax computer security when it came to spyware or adware software. If you are interested in reading further, there is actually a good compilation of news stories and copies of actual court testimony available through the Norwich Bulletin. Click on the title above.