Monthly Archive for June, 2007

News from ALA Annual Conference

The conference in DC was great – learned a lot, met fascinating people, and stayed relatively cool for DC. Valerie presented a session on Sunday giving feedback on our Courier Conference last September. There were some complaints about undersized rooms, but all in all, the conference is well worth anyone’s time. Reports on the various council meetings can be found at We had a get together at the Council suite for Coloradoans attending the conference and saw almost 20 folks, including Emerging Leaders, Dianna Fricke and Nikki Van Thiel. Monica Kirby from Spanish Peaks got an appointment with Senator Salazar at his office on the Hill and several people joined her for the 5 minute appointment! Over 2000 librarians invaded the Hill on Tuesday afternoon to speak up on library issues. I have a list of all the issues currently facing Congress that ALA put together if anyone is interested. (I had a mandatory Council meeting that prevented me from meeting with Senator Salazar.)
One of the many new things that ALA highlighted during the conference was their new public advocacy website, I Love Libraries. The site contains a variety of features designed to attract—and hold the attention of—library lovers of all kinds: reviews of new and award-winning books, fast-breaking library news, library spotlights, a “find a library” feature, blogs and newsfeeds, as well as library-related links on YouTube and flickr. When you get a second, check it out!

Update on New Courier Codes & Courier Management System

CLiC is on track to switch to a new courier code scheme on August 1st. As a reminder, you’ll have six months (until February 1, 2008) to fully convert to the new codes. You only need to include either the new or old code on the routing slip, not both. In April, CLiC sent a preliminary list of new courier codes. Since then we’ve been making adjustments to the codes. As a result, the list you were sent is out of date and should be discarded. An updated list is posted on the CLiC website, Please note, it is still subject to change.

The Courier Management System is also scheduled for release on August 1st.

You will use the Courier Management System to:
– manage your contact information
– create routing slips on the fly
– report and track service issues
– report and track lost and damaged items
– view and print reports and courier code lists
– look up courier codes and contact information for other libraries
– access the Courier Handbook
– access an updated version of the Courier 101 tutorial – all are encouraged to – – watch and listen to this 15 minute tutorial

Anyone will be able to create routing slips, look up courier codes, and notify CLiC of service issues. Functions such as managing your library’s contact information, reporting lost or damaged items and report creation, require logging in with a valid username and password. Each library will be assigned a username and password which you will receive around August 1st. This information will be sent via courier to the person who is listed as the primary courier contact.

MiCTA Discounts

As part of CLiC’s cooperative purchasing efforts, we’ve created accounts for all our member libraries with MiCTA (Michigan Collegiate Telecommunications Association). This is a for-profit organization that negotiates contracts with telecom, computer, office equipment, and e-learning vendors on behalf of non-profit academic, school, library, and governmental entities. Some of the discounted products include computers, Internet connections, telephone service, printers, and software.

Member libraries on the courier should have received their MiCTA packets from CLiC by now–please remember to save your member number, which appears on the back of the envelope. You’ll need this member number when placing discounted orders with vendors. Member libraries not on the courier should receive their packets in the mail next week; their member numbers will appear on the welcome letter. And if you do lose your member number, feel free to call CLiC at 303-422-1150.

You will have to log in to the MiCTA site and contact each vendor to find out what discounts your library will get through MiCTA. Please let us know your experiences with cost comparison and MiCTA purchasing to help us evaluate this service. We hope it will be a valuable one!

For more information, visit the CLiC MiCTA page:

Beth announces her departure

Beth Filar Williams, CLiC SW Region Consultant, will be leaving CLiC and our lovely state at the end of June. Beth was one of the first three regional consultants hired in February 2005. Her influence has shaped this organization, and made a huge impact on her region. Beth is an accomplished librarian, a good friend, and a special person. She will be deeply missed. Beth’s email is if you wish to send her a personal goodbye.

Valerie Horton
CLiC Executive Director

Courier Service Contract for 2007-2008

Don’t forget that your contracts for courier service running from 10/1/07 – 9/30/08 are due into the CLiC office June 15th. If you have not received a contract please e-mail and we will e-mail one to you right away.

For those of you that are community stops (you get items sent to a hosting library) and have never filled out a contract before, it is important that you fill it out this year. With the new courier database we need to get additional information from you as well as make sure that we have correct community stops and hosting library information.

FYI – many libraries change their hours in the summer, if your library has done that please e-mail with your library hours so we can make sure that courier service does not get interrupted.

–Erin Berndsen, Courier Manager

Tech Soup

Don’t forget to take advantage of discounts offered to libraries via Tech Soup Stock, a division of Tech Soup. Depending on type of your library and your 501c status, you may be eligible to take advantage of heavy discounts on over 240 products from, Adobe, Microsoft, Symantec just to mention a view. For example, if you are a public library, you can get Vista Business Upgrade through this program for $10 which is significant savings over the retail cost of $299. How about for school and public libraries, a 10 license Norton Anti Virus pack for $35 total? Yes, in some cases, you do have to jump through some hoops to get the discount but if the discounts are as much as 90%, it just might be worth it. The program can be found directly via