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LEO-Hear Him Roar!

LEO, Library Education Opportunities calendar,, has been available for three months and is making an impression on the library community. Ask LEO, what CE opportunities are coming up in your area or discipline. LEO currently have 65 upcoming events listed, has had almost 1200 visits and over 2100 browses of the calendar. If your group would like to list an event in LEO, contact me and I’ll help you “feed LEO”. If you’d like some nifty LEO coasters for your library please let me know your Courier Code and the number of coasters you’d like,

First Supervisory Core Competencies Skills Class

The first Supervisory Core Competencies skills class, hosted by CLiC and taught by Mountain States Employers Council, was held last week in Colorado Springs. Twenty-five eager supervisors participated in a hands-on workshop learning about motivating employees, communication, listening skills, giving feedback, and resolving conflict. The two days were jam packed with lecture-ettes, activities, and practice sessions. This was a powerful class for many of the participants. Here are just a few of their comments.

“I have long needed to do some meaningful & consistent evaluations with staff, but felt unprepared to conduct the sessions. I know what to cover and some the legalities, but lacked the “person” side of doing it. This has helped me sort through my reluctance and find a better comfort level for the task.”

“I’ve been to lots of supervisory training and have heard many of these [skills covered] before. However, the exercises we did during this course really showed me things in a new way. I gained a fresh perspective on some things I thought I already understood well.”

“I had to pay for this myself. My organization felt I would not benefit from it. It was money and time well spent! I also am attending on my days off and using vacation time or trading days to attend.”
The next supervisory course coming up is, Hiring! Firing! in February and March. Details are available in LEO,

Chance to Earn $100 towards CLiC Workshop Costs

CLiC is offering ten (10) individuals (at each location) a chance to earn $100 to help defray expenses by assisting us at our spring workshops. Selection will be based on a random drawing about 3-4 weeks before each workshop event. At the workshop location of your choice, you will act as the “liaison” for four (4)workshop sessions, hopefully most of your choosing! Your job is to be there in case of problems so you can help or find CLiC staff to assist, introduce the presenter, and write up a evaluative summary paragraph of the session, you attend. Once you are notified of selection, we will allow you to sign up, first come first serve, for the sessions of your choice to attend as liaison while at the CLiC spring workshop.

To apply for this complete the following two tasks: (1) Fill out this application form online. (2) Then, post a comment by clicking on the word comments under this blog entry.

Greeley: Apply by 5pm on FRIDAY March 2 – Notification on Monday 3/5
Grand Junction: Apply by 5pm on FRIDAY March 2 – Notification on Monday 3/5
Pueblo: Apply by 5pm on WEDNESDAY March 21 – Notification on Monday 3/26

Work status requirements for Colorado employers – HB1017.

Library employers need to be aware of changes to Colorado Labor Law. Libraries now need to “affirm” the legal status of new employees. According to Mountain States Employers Council (who graciously allowed me to quote their resources):

“On January 1, 2007 a new Colorado law (C.R.S. § 8-2-122) will go into effect which requires employers to take additional steps in verifying work authorization for all new hires. Under the new law, Colorado employers must make a written affirmation regarding employment verification and must make copies of the employment verification documents presented by each new hire. Failure to comply with C.R.S. § 8-2-122 may result in fines of $5,000 to $25,000.”

The new law requires that employer examine the legal work status of NEW employees, that the employer be truthful, and not knowingly hire an illegal alien. I am not a lawyer but from what I have gathered, you do not need this documentation for existing employees hired before Jan 1, 2007.

The Dept of Labor & Employment has created a recommended “affirmation of legal work status” form. This form is designed to affirm the legal work status of new employees. You need to keep a copy of this form in your employee files along with their I-9 documents.

Off to Seattle for ALA Midwinter

This is my first conference as ALA Councilor. If you think the libnet listserv is time-consuming, you should see the Council listserv! I suppose just before conferences will be the busiest time, and rightfully so. Two important discussions will take place at ALA Seattle – one is calling for a resolution that supports $40,000 as a minimum salary for a professional librarian. The other is a review of the standards of accreditation for Master’s Programs in Library and Informatin Studies. If you click on the title of this post – “Off to Seattle…” you will find a link to the draft report/proposal. I’ll report back in detail to you all after my return from Seattle. Please contact me if you have any comments to make about ALA resolutions or business.

Podcasting Anyone?

While visiting libraries around southwestern Colorado recently, I have heard some exciting ways libraries are using new technologies like Podcasting.

Some podcasting examples include student book reviews, nature walks with science class, and library tutorials.

What else is happening with Podcasting or other fun technologies in your libraries? Please COMMENT below this message and share your ideas with other libraries around the state!

Sign up now for CLiC 2007 workshops and events!

Workshops include: 2-day Spring Workshops with 5+ concurrent sessions to be held in Greeley, Grand Junction and Pueblo. Basic Skills Supervisory 2-day training will be held in Grand Junction (note: the Colorado Springs Supervisory Training is full!) CLiC’s Hiring! Firing! workshops in Castle Rock and Grand Junction with Pat Wagner, Jamie LaRue, Valerie Horton and Donna Miller are still open to registrations. More workshops to come so stay tuned…

For more information on all events check out our CLiC workshops page on our website.

Also, check out LEO database (Library Education Opportunities) for more opportunities for continuing education events!

Hope to see many of you in 2007. Happy New Year!