Monthly Archive for November, 2006

CLiC Scholarship Winners for CAL Conference

Congratulations Bernice, James, Kristen and Emily who are current library science school students in Colorado, who each received scholarships from CLiC to attend the CAL Conference this past month in Denver. They will be posting comments here on the impact attending the conference had on them and how they will use what they learned.

Thanks CAL for another year of a wonderful state conference!

LEO and the CAL Conference

Well we are all back from the CAL Conference in Denver and what a fun and busy time that was! CLiC promoted LEO (Library Education Opportunities) database and calendar: We raffled off our 3 stuffed LEOs … congrats to our winners: 1st place – Kari Baumann from Weld County Library District, 2nd place – Mary Walsh of Adams State College, 3rd place – Abby Koehler of Colorado BOCES. Enjoy your LEOs!

If you missed the conference and want to know more about what happened check out the conference wiki:

Here are a few pictures of LEO and his friends,


Colorado Library Staff have a new way to find and communicate continuing education opportunities occuring across the state and nationally. LEO – Library Education Opportunties was born today, November 3rd, 2006 at 8:15 am. Check out LEO and see what this wise lion has going on. If you’d like to “feed” LEO a CE opportunity contact Lisa at the CLiC office, 303.422.1150.

We’d love to hear your comments on LEO. You can add them to the blog or directly in LEO.

Just remember, “When you’re looking for Library Education Opportunities, ask LEO!”

Internet Librarian Conference 2006

The Internet Librarian Conference 2006 was an amazing conference packed with too many good sessions to choose! I attended sessions from all tracks: social computing, training, digital repositories, and mobile devices. There were some great session aimed at public libraries. One was called Public Library 2.0: Emerging Technologies and Changing Roles by Michael Stephens and Helene Blowers. They discussed tech tools for libraries and a Learning 2.0 project for library staff development. Sarah Houghton-Jan presented Reaching Patrons: Online Outreach for Public Libraries with an easy to follow 20 item check list of creative ways for libraries to create their online presence. For academic libraries, Innovative Uses of Web 2.0 technologies by Karen Coombs and Jason Clark, discussed architecture needed to incorporate 2.0 technologies into a library and campus websites and services. Roy Tenant from Berkeley discussed Institutional Repositories – the why, how, problems, software, key decisions on making you university library a digital depository for the campus, There were many social software sessions I enjoyed, including one of MySpace and Facebook by Aaron Schmidt and Cliff Landis. They discussed how libraries can embrace these online sites and reach younger users in a different way. There was as panel of 5 librarians discussing Podcasting, including video podcasting, including basic how-to, implementing, and applications for all types of libraries. Lori Bell, Michael Sauers and Tom Peters introduced Second Life Library – a virtual reality world where they set up a virtual library called Info Island! Being a trainer myself, I enjoyed the simple ideas from Tech Training in 2.0 World session with Brenda Hough, Dale Musselman and Michael Porter. They gave tips on training, ideas on topics to teach in libraries, and how to use 2.0 technologies as a tool in your training with specific software examples. Lastly, the Gadgets sessions and Mobile Search Tools discussed new technologies that are out there now, or coming soon. For anyone who wants to get excited about technology and how to use these tools within their library, this is the conference to attend. I learned a ton and made some good contacts while enjoying Monterey!